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SERVPRO team restoring a local church

Local Church Restoration

Commercial Restoration

This church had water damage within the ceiling and walls. Our team started the cleanup and restoration process after a thorough inspection process. 

Our team at SERVPRO of Lake Lure Forest City has the equipment you need to restore your commercial building after water, fire or mold damage. 

Hotel floor water damaged through the hallway

Hotel Water Damage

Time to Extract

Our team at SERVPRO of Lake Lure Forest City was called to this hotel to remove standing water and dry the property after a leak. 

Water leak from vents in ceiling.

Roof Leak Leads To Water Damage In Local Business

This business in Marion, NC, experienced a water leak. The leak originated through the roof and spread throughout a couple of rooms on the property. However, the damage wasn't too severe and the business was able to continue on while we mitigate the damage.

servpro equipment in commercial building

Commercial Water Damage Emergency in Mill Spring, NC

Water damage can come from a variety of different sources; it can come from old pipes, faulty appliances or weaknesses in a building’s waterproofing, and you'll want to deal with it immediately, so call SERVPRO of Lake Lure Forest City.